Buckmore Park 6HR - Race Report

With the August weather looking good during registration, hopes that the British weather wouldn’t disappoint were very high.

With three karts to compete and five drivers in attendance, strategy was the first order of the day.

The quickest pair from qualifying would run KF1, the remaining three drivers would share KF2 and KF3.

Adam Denes and Jamie Falvey were quickest, and KF1 qualified in 7th position.

Warren McKinley, Tony Chase and rookie Jamie Woodsend qualified in KF2 and KF3 in 14th and 9th respectively.

KF1 remained in and around the top 3 for the majority of the race, with Adam and Jamie putting in strong performances throughout. They maintained the pressure until the end and finished 4th in a field of 24.

KF2 and KF3 saw some interesting race strategy with only one driver being out of the seat at any one time. With this increased track time it is commendable that Tony, Warren and Jamie finished KF2 in 12th and KF3 in 9th.

All in all, a hard day’s racing in some great weather. Combine this with the fantastic track and the enthusiasm of all the staff at Buckmore Park Circuit and you have another brilliant race outing for KartForce.