British Prokart Endurance Championships - Race Report

Today we entered 3 karts in the BPEC 6hr race at PFi – UK’s karting version of Silverstone – 2 x 2-man and 1 x 3-man teams.

This is the first time many of our lads have raced in our competition karts, instead of rental karts.

These karts are much faster as they don’t have the extra weight of the heavy protective skirts and engines are tuned and kart balanced for maximum performance.

However, not having the protective skirt also means that any small incident can end up with writing off a kart or costing loads in repairs.

Each of the 3 teams had their fair share of bad luck but the pair of Rookies that had been racing a blinder had it worse.  Only one incident and the front of their kart was destroyed, ending their race for the day, when they had fought so well to slowly climb the grid.

Another great day on track for KartForce and valuable experience for the lads as they keep improving their race skills and endurance fitness.

Our next race is a 3hr race at Elk Motorsport on Sun 21st May, followed by this year’s 24hr of Majorca the weekend after.